Plan B powers the global fiat/crypto landscape

Trustworthy. Dynamic. Safe.

As trailblazers in the cryptocurrency industry, our platform empowers our partners to enable millions of individuals to seamlessly acquire billions of dollars worth of crypto assets.



Traditional money, meets innovation.

Whether it's Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, SEPA, or our 500+ alternative payment methods powered by Plan B, we effortlessly enable seamless crypto payments. Trusted by fintechs, blockchain pioneers, and ecommerce partners, We handle your fiat-crypto conversions with unwavering reliability.

Stay plugged into both crypto & fiat, allowing your business to flourish:

* Safeguarded transactions with a 100% no fraud guarantee

* Risk-free operations with zero security incidents

* Maximize conversion rates with our diverse acquiring solutions

As passionate advocates for widespread crypto adoption, we continually expand our support for alternative payment methods. Enjoy the convenience of options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Pix, SEPA Direct Debit, and more.

Together, let's defy convention and embrace the best of old and new.

Risk-free success with
Plan B

Revolutionary solutions that guarantee 100% fraud-free transactions for you and your users, leaving you free to excel in your field of expertise.

Unbreakable shield against chargebacks

Fully customizable UI, seamless APIs, and captivating UX

Acclaimed end-user support available round the clock, backed by impeccable SLA

Lightning-fast, versatile integration paired with attentive technical assistance


Use Cases

Worldwide Service

Access granted to over 250 Web3 markets for your users

Easy Payment Processing

Forge a simple path between the realms of fiat currency and Web3 and digital assets

Hundreds of Assets Supported

Unlock access to a diverse range of 200 plus digital assets

Security you can trust

Risk-free growth for your business clients

Multitude of Opportunities

A single, streamlined integration gives you access to over 220+ cryptocurrencies


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